Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Logistics and Supply Chain Management have become an integral part of business these days. Companies have realized that they cannot succeed in keeping loyal customers till they master the art of logistics and Supply chain. Times have changed and the customer these days are very hard to please. Specially with the tremendous growth experienced in […]

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The Importance of Brand Management in Marketing


Importance of Branding   It’s important for a company to spend time investing in defining, researching and building their brand. As the battle for customers increases day by day, a strong brand is required. As it’s a source of the promise to your customer. Brand acts like a guide/marketing plan which enables us to understand the purpose of […]

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Why Training and Development Important For an Organisation


Training and Development are two very important aspects of Human Resources Management. The Human Resources department is the heart of an organisation. An organisation is nothing without employees as to run it you need motivated and knowledgeable people who can work efficiently and make the organisation successful. Training and Development go hand in hand for […]

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Theories of International Trade and Investment

International Trade

Theories that are modern firm-based: In this theory, the firm’s role is promoting exports and imports. These theories incorporate factors such as technology, quality, brand names, customer loyalty, product life-cycles just to name a few into explaining success or countries in selling products and services in international markets as firms and not countries are the […]

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Importance of Quality Management for an Organisation


Many organizations today understand the importance of Total Quality Management to make their business successful. Total Quality Management simply refers to the use of quality standards to business processes that results in happy customers with cost effective methods. Total Quality Management methods are very important for any organization. The most important benefits of Total Quality […]

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How to improve Project Management Skills


Project management skills are important for all executives. It’s all up to you to build the skills or lose them. A person’s skills and abilities tend to decay unless any active efforts are taken to build them. Listen Actively: Active listening is key to every activity for successful completion or achieving desired results and Project Management […]

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How To Develop Project Management Skills?


Discipline is the key to success; this is also one of the best characteristic of professional world because whatever task is performed here follows a particular pattern. If you remember the concept of energy that you must have learnt long back in your science classes, energy does exist into form of packets known as photon, […]

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ITIL foundation for service management


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Foundation for Service Management is a certification aimed at individuals who are interested in understanding in detail about the IT Service Management, operations and development.       ITIL Certification is aimed at individuals who: Are interested in having a proper understanding of the framework involved in ITIL Foundation. Need […]

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Advantages of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


People who are interested in quality management are very much aware of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is all about using statistical analysis to minimize costs of production or maximize profits inside an organization. Let’s know more about the Six Sigma Black Belt certification. There are three levels of Six Sigma training, namely, green belt, black […]

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