Advantages of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification


People who are interested in quality management are very much aware of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is all about using statistical analysis to minimize costs of production or maximize profits inside an organization. Let’s know more about the Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

There are three levels of Six Sigma training, namely, green belt, black belt and master black belt. Training for all the three belts are mainly imparted through campus setting or distance learning programs of various universities. Nowadays, numerous institutes like IACT Global are providing online programs as well. It’s mandatory for Six Sigma Black Belt applicants to hold a green belt certification apart from having a college degree. The applicants should also have a basic knowhow of spreadsheets and basic computer programs.

The duration of Black belt Six Sigma certification program varies from two to twelve weeks and the students are required to complete at least eight training modules. One of the main components of the Black belt Six Sigma certification program is that the student chooses a Six Sigma project to work on prior to acceptance. The project can be from the current organization where the student works and must be approved by the management. Popular project topics are:

  • Reduction of product defects and phase time
  • Project communication
  • Statistical analysis
  • Experimentation methods
  • Team building
  • Solution implementation

After completion of the course, the students are able to apply the Six Sigma process successfully in their organizations. Equipped with Six Sigma Black Belt certification, students can easily apply for any one of the following positions:

  • Product engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Director of quality
  • Vice President of production
  • Quality coordinator

According to various studies, Six Sigma black belt project managers or quality manager get a hefty salary ranging anywhere between sixty thousand dollars to one lakh twenty five thousand dollars. Hence, it’s a lucrative career and IACT Global offers you an excellent opportunity to grasp it.

Besides, Six Sigma black belt certification is the highest level of Six Sigma education and hence is of great importance. A qualified Six Sigma black belt holder can not only head Six Sigma projects but also teach other green belt and black belt aspirants. Hence, don’t waste time