Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Logistics and Supply Chain Management have become an integral part of business these days. Companies have realized that they cannot succeed in keeping loyal customers till they master the art of logistics and Supply chain. Times have changed and the customer these days are very hard to please.

Specially with the tremendous growth experienced in the online retailing, customers require products as soon as possible and that’s why the role of Supply chain management and logistics have become critical in today business world.

Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With the growing demand in retail industry the importance of having good logistic and supply chain professionals has gone up. There is a dearth of qualified logistic and supply chain professionals in the market these days. This has lead to huge potential career opportunities for graduates studying logistic and supply chain management.

The field of Logistics and Supply chain offers many opportunities for aspiring managers looking at success in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management domain. Some of the roles in logistics and Supply Chain are as follows:

Logistics Manager – Mostly involved in the storage and distribution of goods. Making sure that the goods are delivered on time and the lowest cost possible.

Inventory Manager – Looks at managing the good at the warehouse making sure goods are stocked correctly and move efficiently from the warehouse to the end customers.

Supply Chain Manager – Supply Chain Manager role is to ensure that companies logistics, warehousing and distribution are well managed.

Transportation Manager – Transportation Manager’s role is to ensure that the goods are send through the best and cost-effective mode of transport so that the customer receives them on time.

Warehousing Manager – It’s the warehousing managers duty to receive goods in the warehouse properly, store them and dispatch them in the most efficient way.

Distribution Manager – This is a complex role with good knowledge of IT and Telecommunication systems to help move goods from warehouses to different vendors and buyers.

Apart from the roles mentioned above there are many other roles and opportunities in Logistics and Supply chain management. So, if you are a graduate studying logistics and supply chain than you have a bright future ahead of you.

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