How to improve Project Management Skills


Project management skills are important for all executives. It’s all up to you to build the skills or lose them. A person’s skills and abilities tend to decay unless any active efforts are taken to build them.

  1. Listen Actively: Active listening is key to every activity for successful completion or achieving desired results and Project Management is no exception. Listening to a suggestion, complaint or comment is something that a project manager definitely needs in order to be successful.
  2. Create a project plan: Prepare a project plan for the project that you and the team are working on. It will not only help you achieve the deadline of the project but the road map will be helpful to you and the team in phase-wise completion of the project and identify roadblocks if any. You can also share it with everyone so that all the members are on the same page. The project plan should include the project schedule, costs, resources, potential risks and overall management of resources.
  3. Be organized: The project has to be broken down into manageable parts. Also, a chart that identifies each of the project parts including the people working on the project and the time frame within which each task will be completed has to be included.
  4. Risk management: Identify potential risks – understand what can go right and what can go wrong during the course of the project. Handle high-risk items initially and give lesser priority to low-risk items. Try to find ways and means to eliminate risks. Also, create a risk management plan and a contingency plan.
  5. Communication: Most of the projects suffer because of improper communication. One has to be proactive and communication methodologies have to be included clearly in the project plan itself. The communication has to be two-way where you are interacting with the team member instead of only giving directions. Also, try to understand the problem by listening to them.
  6. Control the project: The Project Manager must control the project by measuring and adjusting so the project can meet anytime or cost constraints.

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