Importance of Quality Management for an Organisation


Many organizations today understand the importance of Total Quality Management to make their business successful. Total Quality Management simply refers to the use of quality standards to business processes that results in happy customers with cost effective methods.

Total Quality Management methods are very important for any organization. The most important benefits of Total Quality Management are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction- Total Quality Management leads to better quality products. It results in customer satisfaction as well as customer get good quality products at affordable prices. Organizations today understand the importance of quality products as it sets them apart from competition. So organizations that want to stay successful for a long term should focus on Total Quality Management.
  1. Leads to organizational effectiveness – Total Quality Management help organizations plan their processes and systems well. The products offered are not only good quality but are produced in a cost effective way This helps organization to add to their bottom line and maintain the level of output as well.
  1. Improves long-term survival for the business- Total Quality Management not only leads to happy and loyal customers. It also helps organizations to survive and outlive their competition. Total Quality Management makes use of tools of management, which makes sure that the organization uses their resources effectively. This in turn helps them to be more competitive and survive in business for long.
  1. Leads to promotion through customers – A happy customer usually likes to talk about the product, which is the cause of happiness. So a happy customer would tell others how good your product quality is. This in turn would make more people buy the product or service offered by your company.
  1. Over All Success of other departments – Total Quality Management means that all the departments have to work well. Production, Marketing, Procurement, Sales and many more. This helps the overall business. Every department is trying hard to make sure the products are good quality and this results in success for all departments.


iACT Global is a well known Training and Certification company. They help individuals as well as business in improving their rate of success. This is done by offering courses in different fields. iACT Global has courses on Quality Management. Courses like Six Sigma and other Total Quality Management courses. These courses help companies and individual improve their understanding of quality methods and apply them to their business. Total Quality Management helps organizations become successful and survive for long in this competitive world.