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Gone are the days when you had to go to the classrooms to study. With advancement in information and technology, now it has become quite easy to access to the knowledge from any corner of the world. International Academy for Certification and Training is the same bridge which fills the gap between quality learning and you.

Motive- our motive is not just to provide you a certificate but also the core knowledge because we believe that there will be many holding the same certificate but your Knowledge will raise you above others. That is why providing quality content with ease of learning always remains as our prime focus. iACT Global is continuously  working toward production of a highly skilled & professional mass for the nation.

Our way of working- The working process here is simple and supportive for the clients. We contact you based on your queries, our counselors guide you if you have enquired for a course which may not be much beneficial for your career as compare to the others. Once you pick the course we provide you learning based on nature of the course, various formats are there- online learning/ e-learning, distant learning, government courses. You are provided with complete support from our trainers, virtual classes, study material, sample exam papers and certification (once you succeed in the exam).

What more?

This is the 21st century and social media sites are accessed more often than the subject books.  Yes, we understand the fact and we also believe that Knowledge is not restricted to the classrooms or books. This is why; we have consistently maintained our presence over the social media sites. We keep on posting articles and content from our experts on Facebook and Twitter, you can find presentations and videos over several important topics related to the courses we offer on Slideshare and YouTube. The concepts that may seem complex at first, they are explained in the simplest manner on these social media sites that you can access with a single click anytime anywhere.

What makes iACT Global unique

We believe it is our motive which makes us unique. This is to train each and every Indian to the highest level of professional excellence. Our efforts are aligned to produce a skilled workforce who can compete with the world. We feel humble that our sincere efforts were recognized by international communities in the form of- Asia Red Herring Award, which is given only to best of the companies in the field of education, but, what we take with more pride is the warming reviews of the alumni of iACT Global.

iACT Global is committed toward continuous improvement and excellence in the field of online and distant education. Join our courses,