Why Training and Development Important For an Organisation


Training and Development are two very important aspects of Human Resources Management. The Human Resources department is the heart of an organisation. An organisation is nothing without employees as to run it you need motivated and knowledgeable people who can work efficiently and make the organisation successful.

Training and Development go hand in hand for employee growth and improvement. Training programme works at an individual level trying to impart the knowledge and skill to improve the individual’s work performance. Development programme run by an organisation works at a collective level trying to improve all employees performance and skill set to a higher level so that they all have a growth and career path within the organisation.

Why is training important for an organisation?

  1. Maintain qualified products – Training imparts an employee with the best knowledge possible to do their job and this in turn results in better quality of product and service offered by an organisation.
  2. Provide information for newcomers – induction is another form of training which makes newcomers acquainted with their organisation and the job they have to perform.
  3. Achieve high service standard – Training at its core strives for imparting employee with the most effective and efficient way of doing their job which ensures that the organisation as a whole achieve high service standard.
  4. Minimising cost – An employee who knows how to do his job correctly would make less mistakes and this will result in less wastage and thereby minimising cost for the organisation.


How does Development contribute to an organisation success?

  1. Keeps employees motivated- Development process focus on improving an individuals performance consistently so that they can go higher up in the organisation.
  2. Planning a career path – Development provides an employee with a set career path. The employee performance is annually monitored and corrected and they have chances of promotion based on their performance.
  3. Reduces employee turnover- Motivated employees who are trained well and know that there efforts are appreciated through increments and promotion are less likely to look outside for better opportunities.
  4. Development of future managers – This is a win win for an organisation as well employees. The organisation doesn’t have to spend more to hire employees from outside and the employee can progress in known work environment.

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